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Behaviour Management

An area that I am always striving to develop is behaviour management. Throughout Professional Practice Phase 1a I began to feel more confident in using behaviour management within the classroom. From this I therefore decided that for Phase 1b I would focus on acquiring and implementing a range of pause/stop strategies that will gain the full class attention.


Team Stop – This was a strategy that I observed during my first week on my phase 1b practice. The teacher would say “Team Stop” and the children would respond to this by stopping everything that they were doing and listen. The use of ‘Team’ encourages the children to persuade those around them to stop also.

Team Double Stop – There were times when I did not have the class’ full attention and therefore I would then say “Team Double Stop”. Children would respond to this by stopping what they were doing and raising both hands (that were now empty) in the air. This meant that the children had no distractions and ensured their full focus was on me.

1, 2, 3. Look at me – This was a fun chant that I picked up from one of the teaching assistants within the school. The teacher/TA would chant “1, 2, 3. Look at me!” to which the children would respond “4, 5, 6. My eye’s are fixed!”. This was a fun way of encouraging the class to stop and focus.


These strategies had all been implemented in the school and therefore children knew how they should respond. In the future I would like to implement my own strategies and how out how I should go about this.


TARGET: To introduce my own behaviour management strategy to a class.