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Demonstrating Positive Attitudes

Above are comments made by my mentor from several observations. I am always striving to promote a positive attitude through the classroom, that encourages children to participate and discover through a stimulating environment.

I consistently demonstrate the expectations that I have for the child’s values and behaviour through praising others and setting examples. This draws attention to what is expected of the children and develops a mutual respect.


TARGET: Continue to set a positive attitude in all lessons.

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Children’s Mental Health – Family Relationship Problems


Mental health affects all aspects of a child’s development including their cognitive abilities, their social skills as well as their emotional well-being. It is therefore important that we support children ‘to be resilient and mentally healthy’ (Department for Education, 2014: 6).

One factor that can cause a deterioration and poor mental health in a child is the impact of family relationship problems. The picture above shows the research I have undertaken about the issue.

It is important as teachers that we are aware of the signs of distress that the children show and how we can use strategies to support them through this. We should always try to encourage positive mental well-being throughout every aspect within school.

TARGET: To continue with research around children’s mental health and ensure that when in the classroom, I create a safe and stimulating environment for children.


DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION, 2014. Mental health and behaviour in schools. Departmental advice for school staff.