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Children Being Reflective

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During my Phase 2 placement, I was beginning to find that children were starting to lose motivation in their learning and I began to reflect on this situation. Having also discussed it with my class teacher, I decided that a likely cause for a lack of motivation was due to children not being reflective and seeing the progress that they had made.

I therefore created a traffic light system (seen in the photo above) which allowed children to decide and reflect on how they found the work that lesson and the progress that they had made. Once the lesson had finished, children would place their book in the tray which they thought best suited them.

I found that this got the children to reflect and think about their work more thoroughly. It began to make the children strive for greater depth within the lesson, as they wanted to be able to place their book in the green tray. Having used it over a series of lessons, it also allowed children to see the progress that they had made and was suitable for all children in the classroom. I was also able to use this to influence my own assessment.

TARGET: Continue to allow children the opportunities to reflect in lessons.